Venice Through my Painter's Eyes

by Helen K Beacham
(Summerville, SC, USA)

Rosso Veneziano

Rosso Veneziano

Rosso Veneziano
It's a Party!
Outside Dining (Florian's)
Venetian Glass II

I’ve been painting Venice watercolors for many years now! Every year, I take adult painting students with me. I rent an apartment for 2 or 3 weeks, always in different parts of the City because I want to get to know more and more about Her.

I’m always happy to show my students the fabulous “must see’s”, but THEN I take them to my favorite out-of-the-way places and THAT’s when they get to see Venice through my painter’s eyes! Burano, Murano, the Lido, Giudecca, San Giorgio Maggiore….they all add up to a well-rounded appreciation of what Venice has to offer.

I have favorite restaurants and there’s such a feeling of familiarity when the same smiling waiters are there, year after year. Sometimes we just pick up some fresh produce from the outdoor markets and treat ourselves to a home-cooked meal.

When it’s finally time to board the plane to leave again, I cry. When I’m home, I dream about Her and I count the days till I can get back. Since I've just returned, you can imagine which state I'm in right now, can't you?!

Maria's reply: Such a lovely post and your paintings... wow! I love them. They so capture the very soul of Venice.

Of the pictures you've shared here my favourite is the Rosso Veneziano one - it is truly a beautiful work of art. I went and had a look at your website too and there was one of the Rialto Market which I adored as well - in fact I shared it on my Facebook page today.

Keep up the great work and maybe next time you are in Venice we could meet for a cup of coffee :-)

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