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Nearly all the thermo spas in the Veneto are to the south west of Padua (Padova) and these are the nearest spas to Venice. They are ideal if you would like to combine some quality spa time with a visit Venice too .

The other Veneto spas of note are to be found near Verona and on the extreme eastern edge of Veneto heading towards Trieste.

I have them all here on the site but I begin with those spas nearest to Venice...

For a map of where these spas are click here.

Abano Terme

This is probably the most famous of the Veneto thermo spa towns and the town focuses entirely on relaxation.

Best of all is that there is not much else to do except cycle or enjoy good walks in the lovely countryside around town...lovely! Nearby are some gorgeous villages to explore at your leisure

The mud baths here are world renowned and this was also the first place in Europe to offer this treatment.

The hot springs are equally famous. According to the tourist information office they are, at 87°c, the hottest natural springs in the world and there are more than 160 thermo spa baths on offer in the dozens of hotels around town.

With so much on offer it really is impossible not to find the perfect spa for your needs.

Details on where to stay follow but, if you just want to spend a spa day here as a day trip from Venice, then click for the best option.

Where to Stay in Abano Terme

Abano Grand Hotel has been highly recommended by friends of ours. I have been around the facilities and it really does seem a lovely place with a range of thermo spas/pools, and a unique thermal steam cave. In comparison to the luxury offered it is not expensive either.

Yet another excellent 5 star choice is the Hotel President Terme. With top class facilities, healthy and delicious local food, discount green fees on three local golf course and much more this is a great choice.

The other hotel & spa that I have heard good things about, and it is a lot cheaper than the two above, is the Hotel Aqua. Abano is the perfect place for cycling and this hotel is renowned for organizing great cycling trips in the surrounding countryside and in the nearby Euganean Hills.

Montegrotto Terme

Montegrotto is really just an extension of Abano Terme. You may as well stay in Abano as the only additional attractions Montegrotto Terme offers are some fairly interesting ruined Roman baths. If you have your kids with you then visit the butterfly park with over 500 species flying around you as you walk through their “world”.


In the Euganean Hills, around Abano Terme, there are a number of lovely thermo spa towns of note;  Battaglia Terme and Teolo are probably the better known ones but not to be missed is one of the best preserved Medieval villages in all Italy called Arqua Petrarca.

My advice: If you are primarily interested in the spas then stay in Abano; which is the spa mecca of this area and has by far the greatest choice when it comes to facilities and good hotels.

Between Venice and Trieste


Bibione is featured under my beaches guide and to be honest I think it is better as a seaside resort than as a spa Town. It has a great beach, which is one of the longest and widest on the Adriatic coast, and it is a pleasant town surrounded by lovely pine forests.

The spa facilities cannot compete with Abano. The main centre is the Bibione spa and a lot of hotels are located around this. The thermo spas water temperature is a lot colder than Abano – "only" 52 degrees Celsius.

Overall the facilities are good but definitely lacking is the sense of luxury and of pampered relaxation to be found in Abano.

Near Vicenza/Verona

Recoaro Terme

Recoaro - Hotel Trettenero Spa

A short drive from our house, Recoaro Terme is a place I know well.

Again Recoaro can’t compare to Abano in terms of the range of spa facilities on offer but it is a peaceful town in an extremely beautiful setting with a lovely ski resort nearby .

Recoaro is one of the oldest spa towns in Italy and has 9 natural springs – five of which are to be found in the Fonti Centrali complex which is the main one in the town.

The five natural springs found in the Fonti Centrali vary considerably in terms of their benefits. Some of these springs are rich in magnesium while others are rich in iron and other beneficial minerals.

Where to Stay in Recoaro Terme

This is really easy, The Hotel Trettenero owned by the Cornale Family is the only choice. This hotel dates back to the 18th century and has been restored exquisitely.

Other Spa Resorts

There are a number of smaller thermo spa resorts in Veneto. Resorts such as Terme di Caldiero, but these offer limited facilities compared to the places mentioned above and generally offer a more specialized service focusing on the treatment of particular ailments.

My personal advice is to visit Abano Terme if this is your first time visiting a spa in the Veneto. The town really offers everything you need and the facilities are second to none.

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