Good Photos of Venice & Verona

I am always looking for good photos of Venice and Verona, my efforts are never very impressive, although they are improving... I think. These are my latest photos, let me know what you think?

Luckily all is not lost as I have many friends and visitors to the site who can take good photos and this page features just such photos.

The lovely photos on this page were taken in Verona and Venice last summer. Thank you very much Brankica and Jim for the great pictures - it really is much appreciated.

Photos of Verona


The photos (except the one of the window boxes which is mine) were taken during Brankica and Jim's trip to the Veneto region of Italy last summer. I believe it was Jim's first time in Italy, I am sure you must have had a great time!!

Photos of Venice Italy

Venice Canals Photographs

Rush hour on the highways of Venice.  Sure beats the traffic on most highways and this is the only city on earth where I actually enjoy being in traffic!

Window Boxes near Saint Marks Square

Window Boxes in Venice

Church in Venice

old buildings in Venice

These secret little canals always have me longing to follow them to see where they lead. I have made some of my most memorable discoveries doing just this.

Looking for more photos of Italy - from Venice to Sardinia and everywhere else in between - try a search below...

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