Your Italian Shoes in the USA

by Steve

Best Italian Shoes in the USA

Best Italian Shoes in the USA

I have a friend who bought a pair of your shoes while he was living in England. They are awesome and I really want a pair too...I am sooo jealous.

Why don't you start shipping to the USA?

There would be an amazing amount of people who would go crazy to get their hands on shoes like these.

Maria's reply:

You are the second person to ask this same question this very week and I am really sorry I can't help you.

It is just that my friend who makes these shoes in Italy speaks no English and neither does anyone else who works for him.

That means even preparing an invoice in English is a challenge let alone all the other reams of paperwork required to pass through US customs.

All is not lost though, you can still get something similar in the United States by getting yourself a pair of Bruno Magli Men's Shoes. They are the nearest you will get to my shoes in the States.

To get back to not being able to ship to the United States. This is a particular irritation of mine. It is really sad that there are so very many wonderful products produced in Italy, by tiny family businesses, that people outside of Italy will never get to try.

It is not only shoes but food, wine and so much more. It is ridiculous that you'll need to travel to Italy to try the best of Made in Italy but that is, unfortunate as it may be, the sad truth.

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