Your Italian Leather Shoes

by Eric

How many times have I asked you about buying your Italian leather shoes? I am sure you must be sick of hearing from me Maria!

Even having written you so many times, and as I've said you're most probably getting sick of my nagging, I have never been able to get hold of a pair because of the fact that you don't ship to the States.

Well I am so glad to see that you have
Bruno Magli Men's Shoes on the site now for folks like me in the States and trusting your advice I went out and bought myself a pair. What great shoes! I love them beyond any shoes I have ever owned. If your shoes - those ones you can't ship to the USA - are as good then the claims you make for them are fully justified.

Maria's reply:

Don't worry about the nagging. It is great that you want the shoes so badly. Unfortunately the paper work need for shipping to the United States is just beyond a small company like my friend's.

The Bruno Magli Men's Shoes are of similar quality though and you won't find better Italian leather shoes in the USA. In fact Bruno Magli has been making shoes since 1930. They are still a family business but they have grown to a size where shipping internationally is no problem.

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