Shopping for leather Goods in Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy

by Holly
(Madison, CT)

I want to share this wonderful shop that hand makes lovely small leather goods. I have been here twice & totally enjoyed each experience.

The shop owner works on creating products & while you browse, you can also watch him as he works. It's called "Grifone" and is just off the Piazzale Roma.

Maria's reply: Yes, I know this shop Holly, it is a really fabulous little place.

There are actually dozens of wonderful little shops like this, making all sorts of wonderful handmade product, scattered throughout Venice. We have quite a few in our Venice shopping guide.

Because space was limited we had to leave out quite a few excellent shops, like this one.

My advice to anyone visiting Venice is to try and visit the shops we mention and while walking to them you will find many other little gems along the way. In fact go and get lost in the maze that is Venice as that surely is the best way to make discoveries and memories that will last a lifetime.

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