Three Reasons to Love Italy

by Henny

Scenery, People and Food of Italy

Scenery, People and Food of Italy

Italy is the Best because the Italian people are friendly, welcoming and beautiful in every way. The nature is spectacular. The food is delicious. My heart is in Italy.

Maria's reply: Everything you say is 100% true. When it comes to people the Veneto is home to some of the friendliest in all of Italy. Another region where the people are really really friendly - but only once they get to know you - is Sardinia.

I have a very good friend by the name of Martina who comes from this stunning island in the sun. That's her picking lemons in the photo at the top of the page.

She has written a lovely article about the people of Sardinia (click to view it here) and loving Italy and Italian like you do I am sure you will enjoy reading it. The photos of her family on the page are just so very typicaly Sardinian too.

I seem to have gone off a little about Sardinia but Sardinia is a little like every other single region of Italy. They all have everything you mention as being wonderful about Italy - food, scenery and great people. Most incredible is the fact that though these three things are wonderful in all regions they are also quite different.

As an example take the Veneto, which this site is mostly about. It has fabulous food like gnocchi and polenta, great mountain scenery and awesome lakes like Garda. Sardinia has a completely different cuisine (view article about it here) and the scenery is a world away from the Veneto with ancient towns and gorgeous beaches being amongst the highlights.

I think you'd need a lifetime to savour it all but what a lifetime it would be!!

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The reason I love Italy

by Lorina



Venice and Milan are my very favorite cities in Italy. I have toured extensively but because my family is from the Veneto and Milan area I must say I am partial to these areas.

Maria's reply I really do agree with you about the Veneto. My family too is from the Veneto with my dad having grown up in a little tiny hamlet in the mountains. A place called Posina. Later he moved down to Piovene Rocchette, near Vicenza, and which is where our family home now is.

Milan I think is a city that you either love or hate. Many who live there love the fast pace of the city - I reckon it is a little like Italy's New York with the Milanese being very efficient and business orientated!!

Personally though I much prefer Turin to Milan.

When it comes to big cities in the north of Italy Turin really is the best for me. I suppose, because Andrew and I lived in Turin for nine years and our son William was born there, I am a little biased but really it is an incredible city.

The regal old town, full of the many palaces of the Savoy kings, combined with a spectacular setting at the foot of the Alps makes Turin an easy city to love.

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Venice, beautiful and romantic!

by Nelson Joay
(Curitiba, PR - Brasil)

Veneza - Rialto - Dezembro 2011

Veneza - Rialto - Dezembro 2011

December 2011, we were on vacation. This picture was taken near the Rialto Bridge. In it are me and my wife. Look forward to returning!

Maria's reply: Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo with us Nelson

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Italy is the Best

by johan smets
(leefdaal belgium)

For me it is the view of the mountains and the houses and the flowers ,the food and wine,the mentality of the Italian people, if you are lost somewhere in Italy the police or ambulance people are happy to drive you to the location.

Maria's reply: Thank you for sharing and I really like the I Love Italy logo too.

I am not sure if you have been to the Veneto region of Italy but I always think that the people from the Veneto are the friendliest in all of northern Italy.

Maybe not Venice but anywhere else in the Veneto and particularly in the small towns and villages you'll find people who will always go out of their way to help you.

For example my mother in Vicenza is now old but she never has to worry about anything. When her grass grows too long one of the neighbours will drop by to cut it. If she is not well and can't get to the shops everybody will drop by with pasta, great cheeses, fresh fruit and much else.

Perhaps the difference between Italy and so many countries in the world today is that people in Italy still care for each other and there is still a strong sense of community.

Outside of the big cities people always have time for each other too and families are still so close, loving and warm.

I love sitting in an Italian piazza with a coffee watching people young and old chatting and really showing an interest in each other and a passion for life. It is so sad in big cities all over the world now that so many people seem to have a warmer relationship with their Apple than with their neighbours, family and community.

Wow I have really gone on! Anyway I am so happy you also love Italy.

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Beyond dreams, beautiful.

by Adrian

I have dreamed my entire life of visiting if not moving to Italy. I was raised Italian even though we are only part. I love everything about this country.

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