Italy is Magnetic

by Victoria D'Amore
(Cape Coral FL)

Lovely Italy

Lovely Italy

Lovely Italy

It's magnetic, once you have been to Italy you just want to keep going back!
Love the Amalfi coast, Milan, Florence, Roma, Como, still need to return to your southern regions! Abruzzi, Bari , Apulia, etc.
Must return!

Maria's reply: Thank you very much for you submission. I so agree with you that Italy is addictive - once you've been you will want to keep coming back over and over again. In fact the more you visit the more you'll want to visit.

The southern regions you mentioned are indeed wonderful but there are a couple of others you really must see in the south. Calabria is one such and here are some photos of one of the loveliest parts of Calabria to get you in the mood. Of course Sicily is gorgeous and so too is Sardinia - check out these absolutely incredible beaches.

Off the coast of Naples there is another little island that is not very well known called Procida (click for more). It is a spakling gem set in the bluest Mediterranean seas that I've ever seen. I've attached a couple of pictures for you at the top of this page to give you an idea of what you can expect.

In the north too there are still a lot of places you should see...

My home region of the Veneto is filled with a myraid of wonderful sights. From tiny villages like Borghetto sul Mincio (click to see photos) to cities of romance like Verona and of course Lake Garda and its many lakeside towns such as Sirmione.

Then, lastly, the two regions my other site is about are Piedmont and Le Marche. Both should be included in one of your future visits. They are regions that are truly gorgeous and 100% authentic having been hardly changed at all by tourism. In fact, you'll often find that you are often the only foreign tourist in villages and towns that rank amongst Italy's loveliest.

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