Haunted Castles in Italy

by Fred Robbins
(Lincoln University of PA)

Haunted Castle in Soave

Haunted Castle in Soave

Haunted Castle in Soave
First shot of the castle gate
The  second shot of the castle gate. Click , if you dare, for a larger image

I have a Photo that you might be interested in. It was taken at a abandoned castle near Soave. I have no history on this castle. My family and I were just exploring.

I wanted to see how close I could get to the castle. Stopped and took two pictures of the same gate and one did not turn out the way I expected. There was nothing in the photo when I took it. I got to the car and...there it was. Smoke with a face (skull). Like I said don't know the castle name or history.

Maria's reply:

The castle looks highly creepy and the photo is indeed very strange. I wonder if there could be some technical explanation for it - does anyone out there have any ideas?

I was contacted a little while ago by a producer of a well known ghost hunting show in the USA about haunted castles in Italy and they were going to do a show on the subject. I suppose with all the centuries of history Italy has it would be the perfect place for ghosts if they exist.

P.S. On another note Soave (click here for a great video and more) is a really lovely place. The main Soave castle situated above the town is amazing - not at all creepy. At least most of the time. Maybe visit in summer.

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