Golden Days

by paula vutano
(new york)



Its the land of my ancestry,the only place on this earth that holds my hearts blood..... the Golden Days, the air of Rome is infused with centuries of people that lived life to the fullest even when it was cut short.

The people of this land lived with great passion and it leaves its mark through the ages of man.If the earth had a heart it would be found in Italy.I will return if not in body..... in spirit

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"Could not have chosen a better place to be born in."

by Antonella Romanis
(Paarl, South Africa)

Just because I was born there........ Its the country I always go back to. I have the passion in my veins.. The good the bad and the ugly, but you know what? Everybody wants a piece of it... Everything is about passion there, the food, the art, the people, the history , no other country has it. That's where it all started.

Maria's reply: Antonella, thank you for the photos. I agree with you too that Italy is very special indeed.

Whether you are Italian or not Italian it is capable of capturing ones heart. In fact, sometimes I think that we Italians can never appreciate Italy as much as foreigners can. We tend to often take it for granted whereas foreigners appreciate it and care for it.

I am entering dangerous waters here but it breaks my heart to see the litter, graffiti and illegally built houses in places like Palermo and Naples. In fact I'll not return to Naples again because it has been ruined by the locals. Perhaps foreigners would have taken better care of what could have been one of Italy's greatest cities.

The decay that has been allowed to happen in Pompei too is a national disgrace.

Well, having said that there are still hundreds of incredible cities, towns and villages in Italy and many of them in regions like Le Marche, Veneto, Piemonte , Aosta, Trentino and Emilia Romagna are completely unspoilt and beautifully looked after. They are towns where you'll always feel safe and welcome, so much so that you'll normally never want to leave.

My view and advice to tourists is to avoid those places in Italy where the locals are rude and have no pride in their home town.

My whole aim with this site has been only to share exceptional places; be they towns, villages, hotels restaurants or entire regions. If a place doesn't over-deliver it won't be featured on my site and that is why you won't find anything on Naples here.

By the way, are the photos you've shared of Lazise? It looks like it and Lazise is a perfect example of a friendly town that is spotless and simply delightful. One of the best towns in Italy for a family holiday with young children.

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