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The Best Hotel in Central Rome?

There is a hotel in Rome that is so very special, where breakfast is served under the orange trees with the fragrance of orange blossom infusing the air.

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Winter in Venice - A Magical Time

They call it the secret season. A time when Venice returns to the mystical and magical city it has been for centuries. A time when there are more Venetians than tourists. This is winter in Venice.

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Wine Regions of Italy

Join me in discovering the various wine regions of Italy and some of the best Italian wines and wine estates from these regions. Wines and landscapes you will never forget - guaranteed!

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Where In Italy Do You Belong?

Where In Italy do you belong? Take this short quiz to find the answer! Then start planning your next vacation or big move.

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The Veneto & Venice Itinerary

Visiting Venice? Want to explore a little of the wonderful Veneto region in which Venice is located? Then our Veneto & Venice Itinerary is just what you need.

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The Weather in Rome Italy Guide

The Weather in Rome Italy. Our guide is packed full of information on when is the best time to visit Rome Italy and much much more too.

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Walking Tours in Rome - Discover the Secrets of this Ancient City

One of the best walking tours in Rome is a visit to the main outdoor market called Campo dei Fiori - it is teeming with friendly people, tasty food, vibrant colors, animated conversations

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Visiting Venice Temptations

Ever considered visiting Venice Italy? Here is the final temptation you need. Tell me you don't want to pack after seeing this!

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Vicenza Italy - A Noble City

Vicenza Italy is so near to Venice yet nearly everyone misses this little gem. Join me in exploring my home town, home to one of the world's greatest architects - Palladio.

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Discovering Verona

Verona is a magnificent city. Enjoy these gorgeous photos and a funny video or two while joining me, Maria, in discovering its secrets.

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Verona Photos Features a Collection of Beautiful Pictures

Aren't these Verona photos absolutely magical? There is also so much insider information on what to see and do in this most enchanting of Italian cities.

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Verona Italy - An Insider's Guide

Verona Italy is a magical city, a city of romance and history. Read our insider’s guide to discovering its secrets.

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The Loveliest Verona Churches

Some of the Verona churches are among the most beautiful and significant in Italy. These are the ones not to miss...

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A Splendid Verona Castle called Castelvecchio

This famous Verona castle was built in the 14th century, by Cangrande “Rabid Dog” della Scala. The castle includes an escape route across the family’s private bridge, the Ponte Scaligero.

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Irresistible Venice and Verona

If you've been to Venice and Verona you'll know it's true, these cities are irresistible. Click through and spend 5 minutes with us and you'll see why.

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Venice & Burano- Pictures to Dream By

Venice is number on our Italian bucket list and it should be on your list too. In this city of enchantment no time spent here is ever enough – I challenge you to look at these photos and not...

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Venice Tourist Attractions - The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore

San Giorgio Maggiore is one of the loveliest Venice tourist attractions. Looking across from San Marco the island of San Giorgio is a splendid sight indeed.

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Venice Tourism and the Undiscovered Venetian Wonders

Venice is not only the Bridge of Sighs and St Marks Square. There is a whole lot more to this great city. Join me, Maria, exploring the Venetian wonders few ever discover.

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Best Veneto & Venice Restaurants - Cooking as Good as my Mamma's

These Veneto & Venice restaurants don’t cater for the tourist trade but to locals and you won’t find many of these restaurants in any guide book . What you will find are excellent restaurants

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Venice Italy - The 6 Things you HAVE to See

There's so much to see in Venice Italy that you can become overwhelmed. Before you despair, here is the list of the 6 sights you absolutely must see and everything you need to know about them.

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Venice Italy Vacation Rentals

Venice vacation rentals, the best way to really live the city & feel like a local. I love going to the outdoor market, coming home laden with local produce & great wine to cook up a pasta dish.

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The Venice Italy Beach Guide

Come summer I can only take so much history before I need a beach. That's what the Venice Italy Beach Guide is all about. Discovering the best beaches near Venice.

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8 Unforgettable Places in Italy

We have discovered 8 Unforgettable Places in Italy. From Puglia to Piedmont this really is Italy at its most beautiful... want to share in the secret?

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Venice Italy Attractions

Hidden away in secret corners are some really lovely parks and gardens. These Venice Italy attractions are the secret Venice doesn't share with the world.

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Discover Venice in Summer

Venice in Summer is a wonderful place to be. Colorful flower boxes add a splash of red while the gondolas ply their way up canals sparkling aquamarine in the summer sunshine.

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Venice in Photos

Venice in photos takes you on a visual journey through one of the loveliest cities on earth. An absolutely stunning experience.

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Venice in July

Great advice on how to avoid the crowds if you are visiting Venice in July and some wonderful ideas on things to do.

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The Venice Food and Recipe Guide

The Veneto and Venice Food and Recipe guide focuses on the great cuisine of this Italian region. We share some of our best recipes too.

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Venice Churches - Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Of the many lovely Venice Churches this is one that should be added to your must see list when in Venice. Home to everything Venice - visit us now

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Haunted Buildings in Venice - Ca' Dario - 10 Dead

As haunted buildings in Venice go Ca Dario is hard to beat. The number of people who have died shortly after owning this building is shocking. We are not talking 1 or 2 deaths here but 10 at least.

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Shopping in Venice - The Guide

Shopping in Venice is wonderful but you can get lost in a maze of souvenir shops. You'll avoid that if you know where to go. Discover the best places to shop - from markets to designer stores.

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Venice Carnival & Venice Carnival Masks

Venice Carnival masks are famous throughout the world and the Carnival itself was recently voted as one of the world’s top five carnivals. Visit us for inside info on buying masks and carnival tips.

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