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Insiders Guide to Venice Italy, Verona and the Veneto

Venice Italy is an incredible place and so is the region of Veneto. Why then do most of the millions of tourists who come here miss most of the good bits? Now there is no excuse!

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Lake Garda, Lake Maps, Beaches, Restaurants and much more.

Need a romantic getaway? Looking for a family holiday? Whatever you want Lake Garda has something suited to you. Let me share its secrets...

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The Italian recipe Quiz

Discover the perfect Italian recipe for you with our quiz. There's a dish made in heaven for you!

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THE Italian Bucket List

The essential Italian Bucket List. 11 things you have to do before you die. Number two on the list is the one I love most.

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The Best Hotel in Central Rome?

There is a hotel in Rome that is so very special, where breakfast is served under the orange trees with the fragrance of orange blossom infusing the air.

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Holiday on Lake Garda - Sirmione

Sirmione is an absolutely exquisite little jewel and far too good to miss. No holiday on Lake Garda should exclude a visit. What to see? Well be sure you visit…

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The Good Lake Garda Hotel Guide - Personally Selected by a Local

Need a good Lake Garda hotel? Here is our carefully selected choice of the best hotels around Lake Garda

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Discover the Jewish Ghetto of Venice Italy

The Jewish or Hebrew ghetto of Venice was the first ghetto for Jews in Europe and was the place where the word first originated. Read more in our guide.

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Gardaland - Italy's Best Theme Park

Gardaland is one of the top theme parks in Europe. Our guide has everything you need to know about the park. From where to stay through to the best rides.

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Garda Town - One of Garda's Loveliest Towns

Garda Town is situated on a magnificent bay surrounded by hills, located halfway up the eastern shore of Lake Garda. Visiting Lake Garda? Then this town should be one of the five to consider.

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A Guide to the Best Florence Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels

A handful of hotels and bed and breakfasts that you really should consider looking at if you're visiting Florence.

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The Doges Palace Guide

The Doges Palace is one of those great buildings that tends to exceed even the highest expectations. On a sunny day the building seems to almost float above the Piazza.

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Riva my home ( I wish)

I have visited lago di Garda five times in sixteen years, three times to Riva. Being an elderly gent it is just the right holiday for me. The culture,

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The Desenzano del Garda Travel Guide

Desenzano del Garda offers the best nightlife on Garda, great shopping, excellent restaurants and good hotels. Visit our Lake Garda guide for everything Garda related.

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Inside Castello in Venice Italy

Castello in Venice is a get away from the theme park feel of St. Marks Square. In some ways this is small town Italy, old ladies gossiping in the squares and kids playing in the lanes.

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Cannaregio Venice - The Undiscovered City

Cannaregio Venice boasts some of the city's finest architecture. Cheaps hotels in Venice are rare but this area offers some good options. Join me, Maria, discovering my Venice.

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A Blog about our Life in Italy

From working in an office to living the dolce vita in Italy; this is how sharing my love of Italy became my job.

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The Best Ski Resorts in Italy

The insider’s guide to the best ski resorts in Italy. We have lived, for over ten years, in two of Italy’s major skiing regions and we share with you a few tips for perfect Italian skiing

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An Insiders Guide to the Best Hotels on the Amalfi Coast

Fragrance of jasmine & lemons in the air, colorful cottages tumble down to azure seas far below. This convent is the best hotel on the Amalfi coast...

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The Best Hotels in Italy

Four hotels in Italy you'll never forget, perfect in every way and quintessentially Italian. The best hotels in Italy? I think so!

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Christmas in Italy? Everything You Need is Here!

Planning a Christmas in Italy? I have everything you need - advice on Italian Christmas traditions, insider tips, weather, great value accommodation picks and a guide to the best restaurants.

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The Best Beaches near Rome

Looking for the best beaches near Rome? Look no further! These are beaches with azure seas and endless soft sand, paradise right on the doorstep of Rome.

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Discovered! The Best Beaches near Amalfi

Stunning beaches sandwiched between towering cliffs and aquamarine seas. If you are looking for the best beaches near Amalfi or Positano here they are.

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Asolo Italy - City of a Hundred Horizons

Near Venice you will find one of the Veneto's best kept secrets, the village of Asolo, known as the "city of a hundred horizons."

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Beautiful Venice Italy

Maria is Italian and her love of Italy shines through in this stunningly visual guide to beautiful Venice Italy. You'll be swept up into an Italian dream world - except it's real!

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Veneto Italy - An Insiders Guide

Veneto Italy is full of secrets, a place of great natural beauty, ancient medieval villages and two of the greatest cities on earth. Discover one of Italy's most beautiful regions...

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The Venice Italy Beach Guide

Come summer I can only take so much history before I need a beach. That's what the Venice Italy Beach Guide is all about. Discovering the best beaches near Venice.

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Home of the Rialto Bridge - Venice Italy

The Rialto Bridge is the most beautiful bridge in Venice and perhaps the world. There's an incredible legend that holds that if you should kiss below the bridge...

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Venice Italy Vacation Rentals

Venice vacation rentals, the best way to really live the city & feel like a local. I love going to the outdoor market, coming home laden with local produce & great wine to cook up a pasta dish.

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Venice in July

Great advice on how to avoid the crowds if you are visiting Venice in July and some wonderful ideas on things to do.

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The Easter in Venice Guide

Easter in Venice is wonderful, there's a special feeling in the air and Easter is still celebrated in the traditional way. Be a part of it - click for more.

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Really Good Photos of Venice

A collection of good photos of Venice and Verona. I hope you enjoy this album featuring the most beautiful city on earth.

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