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So Typically Italian - The 13 that Top the List

Even when far away from Italy there are 13 things that are typically Italian, reminding me of Italy whenever I encounter them. They make me long to return and some of them even reduce me to tears.

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Polignano and the Cave Hotel

Polignano has to be one of Italy's best kept secrets. What an amazing little town and the restaurant in a cave is unforgettable. Look at these photos...

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Garda Town - One of Garda's Loveliest Towns

Garda Town is situated on a magnificent bay surrounded by hills, located halfway up the eastern shore of Lake Garda. Visiting Lake Garda? Then this town should be one of the five to consider.

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The Venice Food and Recipe Guide

The Veneto and Venice Food and Recipe guide focuses on the great cuisine of this Italian region. We share some of our best recipes too.

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Nonna's Spaghetti with Clams and Pistachio Pesto

Been to the Italian seaside? You'll recall sitting outside a little family run trattoria, the scent of the sea and seafood dishes bubbling away in the kitchen. Short of returning to Italy, the way to bring those memories flooding back is to cook nonna's spaghetti with clams

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Life in Florence Italy - A Day Spent in Italy's Greatest City

Take five minutes out of your day and embark on this stunning visual journey exploring life in Florence Italy. A divine array of cakes and pastries at the Caffé Gilli...

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Insiders Guide to Venice Italy, Verona and the Veneto

Venice Italy is an incredible place and so is the region of Veneto. Why then do most of the millions of tourists who come here miss most of the good bits? Now there is no excuse!

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What About Going Shopping in Rome?

What could be better than a day shopping in Rome? Not much I promise! Before you start though you've got to read our guide filled with all the must-see shops and markets.

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Discovered -The Best Italian Cookbook

I have spent ages searching for the best Italian cookbook translated into or written in English. Let me share the results of all those long hours of research - the four best Italian recipe books.

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Wine Regions of Italy

Join me, Maria, in discovering the various wine regions of Italy and some of the best Italian wines and wine estates from these regions. Wines and landscapes you will never forget - guaranteed!

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Discovering Verona

Verona is a magnificent city. Enjoy these gorgeous photos and a funny video or two while joining me, Maria, in discovering its secrets.

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Verona Italy - An Insider's Guide

Verona Italy is a magical city, a city of romance and history. Read our insider’s guide to discovering its secrets.

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The Loveliest Verona Churches

Some of the Verona churches are among the most beautiful and significant in Italy. These are the ones not to miss...

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The Veneto & Venice Itinerary

Visiting Venice? Want to explore a little of the wonderful Veneto region in which Venice is located? Then our Veneto & Venice Itinerary is just what you need.

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Venice Italy - The 6 Things you HAVE to See

There's so much to see in Venice Italy that you can become overwhelmed. Before you despair, here is the list of the 6 sights you absolutely must see and everything you need to know about them.

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Venice Italy Vacation Rentals

Venice vacation rentals, the best way to really live the city & feel like a local. I love going to the outdoor market, coming home laden with local produce & great wine to cook up a pasta dish.

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The Venice Italy Beach Guide

Come summer I can only take so much history before I need a beach. That's what the Venice Italy Beach Guide is all about. Discovering the best beaches near Venice.

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Venice Churches - Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Of the many lovely Venice Churches this is one that should be added to your must see list when in Venice. Home to everything Venice - visit us now

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Venice Attractions - The Southern Lagoon

If the hustle and bustle of the usual Venice attractions gets a little much the southern lagoon is a good place to escape to for a few days.

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The Best Veneto Hotels - Personally Selected by Maria

From Verona to Venice and beyond I have selected the best Veneto hotels and bed and breakfasts. My family has lived here for generations and these hotels are those I can recommend with confidence....

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A Beautiful Selection of Venetian Photos

Discovering the real Venice on the internet - personal experiences and tips. Many of these beautiful Venetian photos have been shared by visitors.

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A Virtual Journey through Venetian Life

Real Venetian life is lived far from the tourist spots. Down the little canals and lanes is where you'll discover the real Venice.

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The Valpolicella Wine Region Guide

A guide to Valpolicella wine and insider tips on how best to tour the magical Valpolicella region of the Veneto.

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8 Unforgettable Places in Italy

We have discovered 8 Unforgettable Places in Italy. From Puglia to Piedmont this really is Italy at its most beautiful... want to share in the secret?

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The Home of Things to Do in Venice

Looking for unusual things to do in Venice? Apart from the 6 essentials we feature on the site why not visit a few of the secret corners of Venice. The Dorsoduro is a good place to start...

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The Best Thermo Spas near Venice Italy

Our complete Guide to the thermo spas near Venice Italy.. From where to stay through to what to see our insider guide will help you to plan the perfect stress-free visit. Just click to get started...

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The Best Three and Four Star Hotels in Venice Italy

Which are the best three and four star hotels in Venice Italy? My name is Maria, I am from the Veneto and these are my picks. I include only hotels which I can recommend with confidence.

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St Marks Square - The Heart of Must See Venice Italy

St Marks Square is the most beautiful piazza in the entire world - any Venetian will tell you so. Sparkling with light and vibrant with color. Join me, Maria, in discovering my Venice...

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Soave - The Medieval Village Home to the Famous Wine

Soave dates back to Roman times, one of the best preserved medieval villages in Italy with a towering castle, ancient city walls and vineyard covered hills. A magical village to enchant...

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The Best of Rome Vacation Rentals

Looking for Rome Vacation Rentals? I have personally selected the best apartments to rent in Rome, you can be sure your Roman Dolce Vita will begin the moment you walk through the door.

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Piovene Rocchette - A Delightful Veneto Town

Piovene Rocchette is a pleasant little Veneto village with an interesting old town that meanders its way up the slopes of the legendary local mountain, Monte Summano.

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Venice, the Veneto and Italy in Photos

These are some of the loveliest photographs of Venice and Italy that I have ever seen. Absolutely stunning is the only way to describe them...enjoy!

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