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Trattoria alla Vedova

A restaurant I can highly recommend in Venice, if you want genuine local food, is the Trattoria alla Vedova. My review explains why.

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6 Places to See near Venice

These 6 places to see near Venice are awesome. If you're visiting Venice don't miss out on seeing them.

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Bellevue Syrene Hotel Sorrento Italy

We stayed at the Bellevue Syrene Hotel when we visited the Amalfi Coast area and of all the places in Italy that we stayed at this offered the most of

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Venice Italy - The 6 Things you HAVE to See

There's so much to see in Venice Italy that you can become overwhelmed. Before you despair, here is the list of the 6 sights you absolutely must see and everything you need to know about them.

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Insiders Guide to Venice Italy, Verona and the Veneto

Venice Italy is an incredible place and so is the region of Veneto. Why then do most of the millions of tourists who come here miss most of the good bits? Now there is no excuse!

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A Blog about our Life in Italy

From working in an office to living the dolce vita in Italy; this is how sharing my love of Italy became my job.

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I Love Dorsoduro

Three years ago I rented a home in Dorsoduro for two weeks and it just wasn't long enough. I have missed it since I left. So this year in September I

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Beautiful Venice Italy

Maria is Italian and her love of Italy shines through in this stunningly visual guide to beautiful Venice Italy. You'll be swept up into an Italian dream world - except it's real!

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The Easter in Venice Guide

Easter in Venice is wonderful, there's a special feeling in the air and Easter is still celebrated in the traditional way. Be a part of it - click for more.

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Discoveries while Lost in Venice

Getting lost in Venice is the best way to discover the amazing secrets and soul of this city. These amazing photos were all captured down the secret alleys and forgotten canals...

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Santa Marinello.....DON'T GO!!!!!

Stay away from Santa Marinello..... it may be a quick train ride from Rome, and the private (fee) beaches are great looking BUT the men who run them will

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The Best Beaches near Rome

Looking for the best beaches near Rome? Look no further! These are beaches with azure seas and endless soft sand, paradise right on the doorstep of Rome.

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Looking for a flight to Venice or Verona?

Looking for a flight to Venice or Verona? Our guide is essential reading. From anywhere in Europe or the USA we have your best options.

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The Best Veneto Hotels - Personally Selected by Maria

From Verona to Venice and beyond I have selected the best Veneto hotels and bed and breakfasts. My family has lived here for generations and these hotels are those I can recommend with confidence....

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Treviso Italy - The Friendliest Town in Italy?

Treviso Italy is often just the place you pass through on the way to Venice. Don't make this mistake. Spend a few days here and discover the friendliest town in Veneto and maybe Italy.

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12 Reasons to Move to Italy Now

Need a push to get going? Here are 12 Reasons to Move to Italy now and start living your life the dolce vita way.

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A Virtual Journey through Venetian Life

Real Venetian life is lived far from the tourist spots. Down the little canals and lanes is where you'll discover the real Venice.

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Inside Castello in Venice Italy

Castello in Venice is a get away from the theme park feel of St. Marks Square. In some ways this is small town Italy, old ladies gossiping in the squares and kids playing in the lanes.

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Italy & Venice Advertising Opportunity

Venice Advertising and sponsorship opportunities. A means for Italian related business to reach the world

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The Venice Italy Beach Guide

Come summer I can only take so much history before I need a beach. That's what the Venice Italy Beach Guide is all about. Discovering the best beaches near Venice.

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Venice Italy Vacation Rentals

Venice vacation rentals, the best way to really live the city & feel like a local. I love going to the outdoor market, coming home laden with local produce & great wine to cook up a pasta dish.

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Where In Italy Do You Belong?

Where In Italy do you belong? Take this short quiz to find the answer! Then start planning your next vacation or big move.

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Venice Carnival & Venice Carnival Masks

Venice Carnival masks are famous throughout the world and the Carnival itself was recently voted as one of the world’s top five carnivals. Visit us for inside info on buying masks and carnival tips.

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Discover the Jewish Ghetto of Venice Italy

The Jewish or Hebrew ghetto of Venice was the first ghetto for Jews in Europe and was the place where the word first originated. Read more in our guide.

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Venice Tourism and the Undiscovered Venetian Wonders

Venice is not only the Bridge of Sighs and St Marks Square. There is a whole lot more to this great city. Join me, Maria, exploring the Venetian wonders few ever discover.

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The Veneto & Venice Itinerary

Visiting Venice? Want to explore a little of the wonderful Veneto region in which Venice is located? Then our Veneto & Venice Itinerary is just what you need.

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Walking Tours in Rome - Discover the Secrets of this Ancient City

One of the best walking tours in Rome is a visit to the main outdoor market called Campo dei Fiori - it is teeming with friendly people, tasty food, vibrant colors, animated conversations

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Map of Lake Garda, the Veneto, Venice Italy and Verona

Visiting Lake Garda? Then our map of Lake Garda and our Lake Garda travel secrets guide will be more than useful. Packed full of insider tips it is essential reading.

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Fall in Love with Padova

City of bicycles, City of canals, City of medieval wonders. Padova is all of this and much more.

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Arqua Petrarca - The Poet's Village

Arqua Petrarca has been voted one of the loveliest towns in Italy. Filled with cobbled streets, quaint squares and picturesque churches.

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Portobuffole - One of the Top Italian Small Towns

There are many gorgeous small towns scattered throughout Italy. We've made it our mission to discover some of the best. Portobuffole is one of them...

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Map of Veneto, Venice and the Veneto Spas

On our site you will find a map of Veneto, plenty of maps of Venice, a map of the Veneto spas and many other maps and information on both Venice and the Veneto.

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